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PEF is a non-profit organization that provides financial assistance to poor and deserving students who cannot pursue professional education due to lack of financial resources.

The Board of Governors consists of some of the leading business men and notable professionals from the corporate world. To find out about the Board of Governors and the Management Team, please refer to our website www.thepef.com

PEF receives Zakat and non-Zakat funds and 88% of these funds are used exclusively as financial help to students. The annual administrative expenditure of PEF is around 12% of the annual budget.

Presently PEF receives its funds from various organizations and hundred of individuals based in Pakistan and abroad, while board of governors also contribute substantially every year.

According to the Trust Deed of the Professional Education Foundation, BOGs cannot and do not derive any monetary benefit from the Foundation. On the contrary, the BOGs invest a lot of their money, time and resources in managing PEF affairs free of any charge and obligation.

No. All such expenses are borne personally by the governors for the most part. Some of the expenses are debited to the proceeds of the event or sponsored by private organization.

There are numerous ways supporters may help PEF’s Professional Education Program. We can only suggest a few, but you may be able to find many more ways to help. You can personally contribute or raise funds for PEF’s Program, discuss the possibility of participation in mentoring/ training or formally join our support groups in Pakistan, USA, Canada, UK, UAE, Saudi Arabia and others and help out in our fundraisers. Your spreading awareness about PEF is also your contribution to the cause.

Expenses are borne by the foundation as an expense head under annual administrative cost.

PEF has evolved an effective system to monitor and evaluate its program activities. This system is fine-tuned regularly to ensure its efficacy and relevance. The Management Team is responsible for the day to day affairs, reports to the CEO on regular basis.

Drop out rate is minimal which is less than 1%.

Yes. PEF maintains a separate account for Zakat funds. These funds are utilized strictly in accordance with the Shariah rules governing their use.

The expenses of all fund-raising events, like Mela/carnival etc., are sponsored and / or debited to the proceeds of that event.

PEF has successfully managed to have 282 graduates from 2009-2016

There are a number of ways one can contribute ones time to PEF regardless of age or country of residence. For example assist the foundation in fund raising efforts especially outside Pakistan.

People volunteering for PEF are corporate and individuals are ready to dedicate their time whole heartedly. To be part of the PEF volunteer programs all one has to do is register themselves with PEF.

The audit firm has been satisfactory rating under the Quality Control Review Program of Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP). All statutory and legal requirements are met by the foundation.

The foundation has received tax exemption certificate from FBR as such all local donations are tax exempted. PEF is also associated with Give2Asia Foundation USA whereby all donations by donors from USA made through this foundation are also tax exempted.

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