Well Wishers

PEF achieved enormous support,
from the well known Educational Gurus of Pakistan.

Message from Anwar Maqsood – PEF’s Brand Ambassador

His message for PEF is:
For the last 10 years all the directors of this organization have been trying to bring a change in Pakistan and this change can only happen because of education. I have never asked anyone for money but for this organization I am saying that do whatever you can because all of these children belong to this country. These are all your children. These are my children. Pakistan Zindabad.
Mr. Anwar Maqsood.
A Pakistani playwright, television host, and actor.
He has received Hilal-e-Imtiaz and Lifetime Achievement award.

Message from Dr. Amjad Saqib – PEF’s Friend

His message for PEF is:
Who is not aware of the importance of education? However, due to lack of facilities and many more reasons the education sector didn’t make the required progress, but there are still a few sympathetic people out there who are working towards this cause and striving to bring the people of our nation out of illiteracy and exposing them to the light of knowledge.
Professional Education Foundation is one such institution, it is full of compassionate people committed towards bringing the light of education and hope to the people of Pakistan. I am a strong ally of this organization and the work they are doing all around Pakistan. I admire their pledge to bring kids out of the darkness and into the light.
Dr. Amjad Saqib
Akhuwat’s Founder/CEO,
World’s largest interest free micro finance program.

Message from Mr. Javed Jabbar – PEF’s Friend

His message for PEF is:
“Professional Education Foundation’s appeal for zakat donations has a special significance. PEF’s services prove how zakat can be validly used to go far beyond immediate relief to enable vitally important transformation. How gifted, capable young individuals with proven merit but who do not have funds can be given crucial, timely support in order to achieve life-changing higher education.
For the benefit of Pakistan and of humanity, and of their own lives. PEF deserves your invaluable support.
Mr. Javed Jabbar
A Pakistani writer, politician, intellectual, scholar, artist, mass.
Former Information Minister.

Message from Vice Chancellor Jinnah Sindh Medical University

The initiative that PEF has taken to support the needy students of our universities is a great leap for the society. Any institution has a mix of students studying there, some of them are financially strong and some are weak. Those who are weak need the support which is given by PEF. A number of our students were doing part time jobs to meet their basic requirements of their studies but with PEFs support they are now free from that hassle and now they are concentrating more on their education.
This is a huge help in developing the society because these students are the future of Pakistan and we need all of them to be well educated in order to make a difference.
Prof. Dr. Tariq Rafi
Vice Chancellor,
Jinnah Sindh Medical University

Message from Vice Chancellor University of Agriculture Faisalabad

The importance of professional education in developing a country like Pakistan is of great importance for its economic and social development. Government is doing its part by spending huge amounts at building professional colleges and universities.
Despite heavily subsidized fee structure many deserving and bright students find it difficult to bear even the subsidized expenses. There is a need that society supplements Government efforts to help and support under privileged and weaker section of the society. This will help making Pakistan a land of equal opportunities and education for all.
I am happy to note that Professional Education Foundation has initiated a program for financial assistance of needy students. I wish them all the success and hope they will continue support the bright students and set examples for others to follow.
Prof. Dr. Iqrar Ahmad Khan
Vice Chancellor,
University of Faisalabad

Message from Professor Shaukat Mahmood, Principal, Allama Iqbal Medical College, Lahore

Working in a public Institution provides you an opportunity to come into contact and interact with a cross section of the Society. It brings you face to face with the realities of life, providing an opportunity to meet and interact with those who have not been very lucky as regards the forces of Nature. You come to know the real Heroes in our Society; you know the efforts of the motivated, uneducated daily or domestic help workers, trying to get their children educated. On the one hand it fills your Heart with pleasure and hope and on the other it saddens you, when you observe and think about the inequality of Opportunities, in access to Education and the unimaginable hardship faced by the underprivileged sections of our Society.
We predominantly are Muslims in this country; not tiring of talking about the Glory and beauty of Islam, yet around us is immeasurable suffering. Let us not forget this and do whatever little we can to mitigate this, we need to join hands and do it in a more effective and organized manner to bring a change in the Society. Working in Education is perhaps one of the best options.
Prof Mahmood Shaukat
Allama Iqbal Medical College
Jinnah Hospital Lahore

Message from VC, Fatima Jinnah Medical College, Lahore

This happened to be my first experience to interact with Professional Education Foundation. I was highly impressed by the efficiency & prompt response by your organization to any kind of query put forth from our office. Whether it was midday or midnight any mail got an answer within a few hours. I have interacted with many institutions and organizations but the experience with PEF was a different one. On placing a request for FJMC we were then chased by PEF by telling us that the request will be processed as quickly as possible once the set requirements were met with.
PEF is doing a wonderful job for empowering women with professional education and expertise. I am grateful for the financial assistance extended by you to the deserving students of FJMC. It has helped them to continue their studies without any financial stress. May God give you strength & passion to take this noble & generous effort to further heights.
Once again your co-operation & support is highly appreciated & we look forward to the same in the future as well.
Wishing the best and all the success in future for PEF,
Sardar Fakhar Imam
Vice Chancellor,
Fatima Jinnah Medical University, Lahore

Message from Prof. Dr Akhlaq Ahmad Malik Director Financial Aid and Career services (Chairman Placement Bureau)

University of Engineering and Technology Lahore
I wish to express my sincere gratitude to the management of professional Education Foundation who has been worked hard to help the needy and deserving students belonging to professional institutions all over Pakistan.
A good number of students admitted in Public Sector University each year come from rural areas having less privileged backgrounds. Due to limited family income these students face great difficulties in paying their university dues and hostel fee. Many meritorious and bright students even could not get admission or prefer to leave the university after initial admission because of inability of their parents to pay their education cost. Therefore the doors of higher education remain closed for so many meritorious and deserving young students across the country mainly because of financial constraints,
I am impressed by the commitment and dedication shown by the management of PEF and the number of UET Lahore students being supported by PEF is now 70. I believe that by providing scholarships to the needy students the Professional Education Foundation will not only sustain but further strengthen its scholarship programme and I wish them all success.
Prof. Dr Akhlaq Ahmad Malik
Director Financial Aid & Career Services
(Chairman Placement Bureau)
University of Engineering and Technology Lahore