PEF is a non-profit organization that provides financial assistance to poor and deserving students who has gotten an admission in a professional college but cannot pursue their education due to lack of financial resources.
TThe Board of Governors consists of some of the leading businessmen and notable professionals from the corporate world. To find out about our Board of Governors, please refer to our website

PEF team consists of 7 staff members and is led by the CEO, who reports to the Board of Governors. All business processes are managed as a mini corporation, The Board of Governors meets every quarter to monitor progress and provide guidance on future policies

No. All such expenses are borne personally by the governors for the most part.

Presently PEF receives its funds from various corporate organizations and hundreds of individuals based in Pakistan, USA, UK and Canada. Our board of governors also contribute generously every year.

The foundation has received tax exemption certificate from FBR as such all local donations are tax exempted. Donations in Pakistan, USA and Canada are also tax exempted, while in UK the donations are entitled for Gift Aid support from the government.

Yes. Our whole process of fund collection and expenditure is fully zakat compliant. Zakat is used to fund only those students who are eligible for zakat (Mustahiqeen-E-Zakat) and separate bank accounts are maintained for Zakat funds. We also have a zakat compliance certificate from a registered Sharia advisor.
PEF admin expenses have ranged between 10-12 %. BoG members has contributed about 20 % of our total funding, thereby exceeding the cost of administration & staff.
No. All such expenses are borne personally by the governors for the most part. Some of the expenses are debited to the proceeds of the event or sponsored by private organization.
The expenses of all fund-raising events, like Mela/carnival etc., are sponsored and / or debited to the proceeds of that event.
From 2019-20 onwards, our auditors are PWC-AF Ferguson.

In 2022-23 we funded 2650 students and in 2023-24 we plan to fund 3000 students. Over the 2009-2023, PEF has produced 2700 graduates which include 1100 Doctors, 1000 Engineers, 300 Agriculture Engineers, 100 Business Studies & 200 Computer Science and IT professionals.

Dropout rate is minimal which is less than 2%

There are 4 concrete ways to join PEF’s mission of Poverty Alleviation through Professional Education:

  • Join one of our chapters in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, London, Toronto, Silicon Valley, Chicago, and Houston and help us in raising funds through your individual contacts and by organizing local fund raisers.
  • Create a group of “Friends of PEF” in your city or amongst your friends and share with them our marketing material, student stories and our performance over last 11 years.
  • Give us a list of your contacts and we will send them an update on PEF every month.
  • Create your own fundraising initiative for PEF like Bazaar, fund raising in schools and clubs.

When a donor donates Rs 90,000/ USD 400 /CAD 600/ GBP 300 or multiple, PEF pays his / her fees to the university and informs the donor which student is allocated to the donor.

Every year university informs PEF about the academic progress in form of their GPA

Student name, university, field of study, Year of study & Last GPA