Success Stories
Poverty Alleviation through Professional Education,
This belief has inspired us to pursue our mission.

PEF strongly believe that professional education is a powerful tool to eradicate poverty from a country, Because education can help empower the youth and give them a better life style. We are not committed to change life of an individual but we strongly believe that through educating one person we are helping the entire household lead a better life.

Taha Salahuddin
PEF Student – NED University

Tahas father owned a shop of marble tops which he used to sell on a daily wage. Taha wanted to be an Engineer and got admitted in NED University. When he was in his 2nd year his father got ill and was diagnosed with acute liver and kidney failure. In November 2013 his father passed away leaving them with little money. Taha wanted to peruse his education and found out about PEF who granted him full scholarship for 2 years. Taha says: I am very thankful to PEF who gave me this opportunity so I could express my abilities and skills in spite of some bad incidents in my life.

Sarah Anwar
PEF Student – NED University

Sarah Anwar is the youngest of five siblings; and has struggled to gain her education. Sarah wanted to be the first engineer daughter of her parents but things got challenging and she had to seek financial help. She was told to avail the scholarship opportunity from Professional Education Foundation (PEF) who offered her full free merit based scholarship for the rest of her professional education. Sarah achieved her dream in 2015 when she graduated from NED University. She is forever thankful to PEF who helped and encouraged her in desperate times and made the biggest dream of her life a reality.

Azlan Mir
PEF Student – NED University

Azlan Mir and his family always wanted him to become an Engineer but the dream seemed very bleak as his father is a government employee as a lab attendant in a government school and his salary situation is hand to mouth. Azlan was always a bright student scoring excellent grades throughout his school days. When finally he applied to NED University he got accepted and his family was overjoyed because it was their dream to see Azlan succeed. The main problem was how to pay the tuition fees, Azlan and his father tried to ask for a loan from then bank but got rejected, and all hope was lost. After few days the scholarship department contacted them and briefed them about PEF that’s when Azlan approached PEF and was granted a full scholarship. Azlan is very thankful to PEF to not letting him down and helping him in his dark times.

Ali Zahid
PEF Student – Allama Iqbal Medial University

Ali Zahid always wanted to be a doctor; he applied to Allama Iqbal Medical and got admission. Ali belongs to a lower class family and they struggled to pay his education fees. A point came his family could no longer pay as they were struggling on an everyday basis. In his 3rd year his father lost his job that is when he found out about PEF and applied and they granted him a full scholarship. Ali says: They supported me when it was the most crucial time of my life. Without PEF’s help I would have been a dropout and not a proud graduate.

Syed Bilal Ayoub
PEF Student – Dawood University

Syed Bilal Ayoub is studying Computer System Engineering from Dawood University. When he was in his 2nd year he and his family found it very difficult to pay the university fees as they had bad financial conditions. Bilal went to the universities accounts section to tell them that he wanted to drop out as he will not be able to pay the fees that’s when they told him about PEF scholarship. Bilal applied and got selected and PEF made a commitment to him to pay the full amount for his studies. Now Bilals dream of being an Engineer is coming true and he is very thankful to PEF to help him in his time of need.

Mukhtiar Ali
PEF Student – Jinnah Sindh Medical University

Mukhtiar Ali is doing his MBBS and is becoming a doctor to help others and make a difference in the society. When he enrolled in JSMU it was really difficult for his parents to bear the cost of the fees as they had moved from interior Sindh and the rent was a lot. After the admission his father took a loan to pay his first semester fees but that was not the only problem, as the rent was too high in the city they had to look for a rented house away from the city that made the commute a very long process hence the whole day was left in travelling and none in studying. After 3 months like this JSMU published PEF scholarship, that’s when Mukhtiar learned about PEF and applied for a scholarship and got selected. PEF not only paid for his tuition fees but also for his hostel expense that was near to his university so that he has plenty of time to study. Mukhtair says “Thanks you PEF for bestowing me with this scholarship, later in life when I am more financially stable I will also sponsor a student and have an input in this cause of changing lives”

Muhammad Ahsan
PEF Student – Service Institute of Medical Sciences

Muhammad Ahsan is doing his MBBS from Service Institute of Medical Sciences, Lahore. He belongs to a financially weak family and faced many hurdles. When he got admission in the university his father had to sell of his belongings to pay for the fees and other expenditures. After the first semester fees was paid Ahsan started to do a part time job to share the financial burden but that did not work out for the best as he did not have the time to study and the stress damaged his health. After the second semester he got to know about PEF and applied and was one of the fortunate candidates to be selected. Ahsan says “PEFs scholarship helped me focus on my studies and lessened the burden of my parents. I am able to study with all my attention and not worry about the payment of my fees”

Saba Imtiaz
PEF Student – Fatima Jinnah Medical University

Saba Imtiaz has recently graduated from Fatima Jinnah Medical University, Lahore. She belongs to a middle class family. Her father is a government servant and is a single earning hand in the family as her mother expired in 2003. Saba got admission in M.B.B.S in 2010 but even after her father’s all out efforts, he could not support the fee. Saba came to know about PEF who gave her a ray of hope and helped her get out of her problem. PEF paid her fee throughout her education of five years. Saba says: By the grace of God I am now a doctor. I owe my success to PEF.

Bilal Raza
PEF Student – Engineer from NED University

Bilal Raza is an engineer from NED University. His father was jobless for the last 14 years. To support his family and continue his education, he has been teaching part time tuition’s to various classes at different places for the last 11 years. He had two siblings who were both younger than him. One of his brothers is currently studying and the youngest was a special child who had been bed ridden since birth. Daily he used to get seizures due to breathing difficulties and finally breathed his last a year ago.
In this period of adversity his relatives helped him out with whatever little they could provide. The amount of support was inadequate and he had to give part time tuition’s to bear the educational expenses plus provide for the family.

When he got admission in NED University through merit, he did not have the resources to continue with his studies. He was going from pillar to post to find a donor who could help him out. It was then when he found out that Professional Education Foundation provides scholarships to Need-cum Merit base students and had requested for applications. He applied for it and within two months he got the scholarship confirmation and the University received the amount.

PEF covered all his educational expenses for the four years of his studies. Since his fees were covered by PEF, he concentrated more on studies and less on expenses. He has thanked  PEF for their support and has said that he would like to be a part of this organization if an opportunity arises in future.

kundan kumar
Kundan Kumar
PEF Student – Engineer from NED University

Kundan Kumar has recently graduated as an engineer from NED University. He belongs to Interior Sindh near Umerkot and his whole family lives there. He did his initial schooling from UmerKot. Though he was not a bright student but he overcame that with hard work and diligence.

He belongs to a middle class family and were not so well off. His father is a simple Shopkeeper who earns for a family consisting of eight members. It was tough for his father to cater for the needs of each and every family member and they had to compromise at each and every stage of life. After all the hardships faced by him and his family members, he managed to get admission into NED University. He decided to help his father by supplementing the family earnings through teaching assignments. He also applied for scholarships as soon as he got admission into the University. As luck would have it, he was selected for the PEF scholarship which for him and his family was a blessing. The scholarship covered all his educational expenses. He started focusing more on his studies instead of spending time to earn money. His struggle continued as language was a barrier for him. Being from Interior Sindh, where even Urdu was difficult, he had to study all his subjects in English. His hard work resulted in him becoming an engineer. PEF awarded him the scholarship for the total time he was a student at NED University.

He is thankful to PEF for making his dream come true!!

Amna Zahid
PEF Student – University of Engineering and Technology Lahore

Amna Zahid did her graduation from University of Engineering and Technology Lahore. She simply wants to acknowledge the endeavors and support of PEF in changing her life.

It was dream come true when she was selected at UET Lahore on open merit. UET is not only a university, but rather it is a home for her.

Her mother is supported her in whatever she did and because of her Amna has managed to overcome many obstacles despite hardships. She generally pumped Amna in all walks of life so that she could progress and achieve her goals with certainty.

When she began her journey towards education, she came across many challenges mainly due to financial constraints. At times, she actually felt that she could not continue on with her education. She did exceptionally well in Matric and F.S.C due to her sharp learning skills with the result that she secured admission at UET Lahore.

Her relatives helped her a great deal in giving her first semester fees. However, remaining portion of the fee was still a bone of contention, as her family could not bear the burden of four years of engineering education.

At that point, she found out from her Department and furthermore from some of her seniors about grant programs in UET. She applied for many scholarships and was finally selected by PEF. This not only helped her financially, but gave her the peace to continue on with her studies without worrying about finances.

She says that PEF has changed her life completely and made her fantasies into reality. PEF is truly a supporting organization that has helped in resolving the financial issues of numerous students.

She again thanked PEF and its donors for giving her this opportunity to finish her four year graduation program easily.

Urooj Fatima
PEF Student – Engineer from NED University

Urooj Fatima is an Engineer from NED University. She lost her father at a very young age, since then her mother took the responsible of raising the family. She has one brother and belongs to a middle class family where it was quite difficult for her mother to cater to domestic expenses besides bearing their educational needs. Her extended family is quite educated with several doctors and engineers; therefore her mother was under a huge social pressure to raise her children in the same manner.

Getting admission in NED University was a really big thing for her but the question was how to cater for her educational expenses. Her schooling had always been on a scholarship. She applied for many scholarships and finally got selected for PEF scholarship.

As she quotes, “Since then PEF has become guardian of my studies. Today I am an engineer because of the blessings of Almighty Allah and the support provided by PEF”

Thank You PEF

Muhammad Imran Akram
PEF Student – Engineer from University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore

Muhammad Imran Akram is an engineering graduate from the University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore.

His initial education was from Jhang and with the grace of The Almighty and with the blessings of his parents he was selected at UET Lahore on open merit. His parents did not have the resources to finance his higher education but his elder brother decided to support his education. As luck would have it, his brother was diagnosed with brain tumor just two months later. His brother was one of the earning members of the family who took the responsibility of his educational expenses. His father spent all his savings and property to save his brother from this life threating disease. At that time he decided to quit his education if he could not support the educational expenses. To ease the burden of his parents and to continue with his education, he started doing part time job at a local PSO fuel station. This meant working late at night. His grades started falling as he was unable to concentrate on his studies.

After being fed up with the hectic routine and falling grades, he decided to talk to the people in the accounts section at UET Lahore and told them about his problems. They were sympathetic and asked him to apply for PEF Scholarship. He applied for the scholarship and was selected. Since then all of his four year dues were taken care off by PEF.

He is thankful to Professional Education Foundation team who supported him in such circumstances. He wishes all the best to PEF and the donors who have helped him achieve his dreams.

Abdul Baqi
PEF Student – Engineer from BUITEMS university Quetta

Abdul Baqi is an engineering graduate in Petroleum and Gas Engineering program from BUITEMS University Quetta.

Abdul Baqi belongs to a middle class family of district Musakhel Balochistan. Musakhel is one of the most backward districts of Balochistan where literacy rate is very low. Abdul Baqi has four brothers and seven sisters, and his father was the only earner of the family and they were hand to mouth due to that his educational expenditures could not be met.

Abdul Baqi’s father took a loan and sent him to Multan where he did his Matriculation and scored 90%. After getting 90% Marks in Matric he did his Fsc Pre Engineering on fully merit scholarship and scored 76%. After passing his entry test in BUITEMS Quetta to afford semester fee and other charges was a great challenge as he could not afford it at all. Later he got to know about PEF Scholarship and applied there and as luck would have it he was chosen. Due to the financial assistance of PEF he has completed full 4 year of BS Petroleum and Gas Engineering program.

Abdul Baqi says “I can’t express my gratitude to PEF in simple words. Today If I am an Engineer this is just because of them. I voluntarily offer my services to PEF and I know that PEF will keep helping the needy students. One suggestion for the students that with hard work and dedication doors of opportunities will open for everyone, and this happened to me when I got PEF scholarship, which helped me to accomplish my dreams”

Irfan Majeed 1
PEF alumnus – graduated from DOW UNIVERSITY of Medical and Health Sciences, Karachi.

Irfan Majeed is graduated under PEF’s cap from DOW UNIVERSITY of Medical and Health Sciences, Karachi.

He is from Ranipur Sindh, his father is a mechanic. Irfan always wanted to be a doctor and go abroad for higher education.

While being employed as a medical officer in Sindh government on permanent basis Irfan went to Detroit Michigan to take his USMILE examination, he cleared the tests and moved to Philadelphia and went through his residency training interviews for internal medicines. Currently Irfan Majeed is settled in Detriot Michigan and is a practicing doctor at St. John Hospital and Medical Center.