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Students who have got admission in universities that is on board with us can, in principle, apply for financial support. The applications have to be necessarily routed through the Students Affairs Department of the Institution. At present, scholarships are offered in professional disciplines of Medicine, Engineering, Agriculture, IT and BBA.
The application forms can be downloaded from PEF website www.thepef.com

Yes, the guidelines are clearly spelled out in the application form

Merit criteria is primarily the relative grades obtained by the applicants in higher secondary school examinations. Consideration is also given to household income and other overriding reasons such as physical handicap or debility of the applicant etc.

Need based support is an outright grant of non returnable scholarship basically to students from very low income group from the Zakat donations with the foundation. Qarze Hasna has to be returned to the foundation by the applicant after completion of his/her education over a period of five years after getting employed.

Public sector institutions are government run and financed institutions.  Foundation  offers financial support preferably to first year students ,however students in advance stage of studies could as well be considered  if reasons are compelling enough.

There is no reserve quota as such for any geographical area.  Provincial allocation of students is in direct relation to province’s  population vis-à-vis the total  population of the country.

Restrictions are primarily due to financial considerations. We plan to add more disciplines as when funds with the foundation would permit.

At present we do not cater for students form semi government or privately run institutions.

There is no gender preference in the selection process.

Application should be fully endorsed by the institute to establish its bona fides.  One should route the application through the student affairs department of the institution one is studying in. Students from the list of educational institutes listed on the website with whom Foundation has signed MOU would be given preference

No sooner the students get admission they should contact student’s affairs department for guidance or visit our website. The institutes in a pre agreed arrangement with the foundation would prepare, after careful scrutiny, a list of students considered suitable for the scholarship.
Final decision for the award of the scholarships is totally at the discretion of the Foundation.

Every year new institutions will be added, information on our website is regularly up dated.Student from institutes, other than those listed on website may also apply after ratification by their respective student affairs department. Preference would however be given to students from institutes on the website.

Certainly he can, but this needs  to be clearly spelled out in the application. Number of students who will eventually qualifying for Qarz Hasna will largely depend on availability of funds under donations.

Deserving students are those who qualify on open merit and get admission in to professional institutes but are not in a position to pursue studies for want of funds.
Preference to students from rural areas is to the extent that both tuition and boarding/lodging expenses are met in special cases. This factor does not have any bearing on the initial selection or award of the scholarship.

There is no consideration, what so ever,  on religious grounds.

Yes, provided the student endorsed by the institution can  give reasonable and tenable explanation  leading to his failure in the annual examination.  Students have to necessarily qualify each year for the continuation of the scholarship.

Yes, there is no restriction at present

Foundation has no objection provided it is informed about it in advance. However if the institute has a policy that one student can enjoy one scholarship at a time foundation would respect  the policy of the institutes.

This is neither mandatory nor a condition for getting financial support from the Foundation. Any voluntary initiative will be appreciated, as it would facilitate the foundation in fund raising and consequently help fellow students.

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The student is finalized after conducting interview at PEF office in Karachi (for Karachi students only) or through telephonic/video call for other cities.